The Best Way To Manage Your Cryptocurrency Mining
ItsMiner is the industry leader in Mining O&M that provides the most feature-rich and professional SaaS to global mining farms and investors.
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Easy to Install

A simple to install and set up tool. Connecting your monitor sever to the network of the mining farm, the system will automatically detect your mining rigs and add them to your management dashboard.


Status Visualization:

Each mining machine from various mining farms can be showed in a graphical way in terms of position, configuration and status.

Data Visualization:

Easy to get and visualize the farm’s data, those data can be analyzed for a better operation.

Best Practice

ItsMiner contains all the functions of traditional mining tools, and provide the best operation&maintenance strategy and user experience for farm manager, engineer, and mining investors.


On PC or mobile terminal, O&M team handle faults collaboratively, farm manager supervise the whole farm and track all maintenance jobs in real time, and miner owner can check the status of all their miners and hashrate at any time and any place.



The most basic and common functions for operation and maintenance management in terms of ASIC and GPU mining.

Enterprise Premium:

Extra functions in power management, labor assessment of operation and maintenance, asset inventory and analysis, client accounts and cloud hosting, overclocking and three-phase power monitoring, etc.